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We haven’t posted many updates recently as we wanted to see how things progressed with regards to restrictions getting lifted. We did consider launching the event in July but now with the extension of current restrictions this won’t be possible.

As much as we want to launch the event again this year we need to make sure the timing is right and that the event is run safely for everyone involved.

I will be in touch with everyone that reserved a spot for the 2020 event to keep you updated, once we are clear of restrictions we can then review if there is a window to pull the event off this year.

We do plan on organising a couple of limited cruises / runs over the next couple of months so we can get a few boats together and keep the “Poker Run” buzz going, we will update on this.

Thanks for everyone’s support and look foward to finally getting everyone together.

The team behind Poker Run Boats Limited have been involved in the boating industry for many years. Between them they have a vast knowledge and experience, previously running several successful ‘poker runs’ in the UK with the very first in 2007.