About Us

We are Offshore Powerboat Enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom, The passion runs deep in our veins for the noise only produced by the Go Fast Boats, We recognise as an important part of Power boating history and Culture that we must keep these Prestigious Brands on the water and for future generations to see and admire.

One thing we have realised with our own boats from Brands such as Donzi, Scarab, Formula is that nothing is readily available for these specialist Classic boats and as such have decided to team up with Companies in the USA with the aim to start supplying not just the UK but also Europe, We do realise that 90 Percent of the "normal" leisure boats market is covered for parts but with the growing demand of people importing Go Fast boats into the UK and Europe there is a lack of supply to which we aim to cover, dealing with us will also cut out the headache of import duty.

This is a genuine passion of ours so please get in touch for all things Muscle Boat related, Scarab, Donzi, Formula, Cigarette, Baja, Fountain, Velocity just to name a few.